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Port St Lucie Tree Trimming

The pride of Port St Lucie FL is its majestic palm trees that have for decades defined the city’s landscape. It is no wonder that palms have become staple trees in every residential community, commercial spaces, and public areas across this thriving city. As a property owner who enjoys the beauty of this landscaping tree, it is easy to assume that since palm trees look hardy they are very easy to maintain. However, this cannot be further from the truth as these majestic trees require the best tree care to preserve their curb appeal as they are highly sensitive to environmental changes. Luckily for you, we are here to provide you with the best tree services so you never have to worry about the health and state your palms.

About Us

You will love the quality of our arborist services as we are a team of seasoned professionals who have served clients across Port Saint Lucie, FL for years. The best part is that we are a local tree company that is ever a phone call away from providing tree cutting, tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming services. If you want to keep your palm tree ever healthy and vibrant, call us today for affordable and expert tree service in Port St Lucie, Florida. Our phone number is (772) 318-4988 and we guarantee a free quote on any services required.

Customer Reviews

"After buying our new house we had some concerns about a couple of the trees on our property. PSLTT was so great to work with and even taught us how to care for our bushes, too!"
Tree Trimming Customer Review #1
Samantha M.
Vero Beach
"I usually get nervous when receiving a 'free no obligations quote,' but they Trimming provided me with several options and literally no high pressure sales tactics like some other places I called."
Port St Lucie Tree Trimming review #3
Mark N.
Port St Lucie
"I'm new to the area and this
company came highly recommended by our new neighbors. Since their trees looked good we requested a free quote and now our trees look great, too."
Tree Service Customer Review #2
Robert C.
Palm City

Services We Provide

Right from the beginning, we have always sought to be the go-to tree service company for all lawn care demands. Regardless of whether you need residential or commercial tree and lawn service you can always count on us as we provide:

Removing the stump of a tree


Stump grinding is a highly recommended process after tree cutting as it enables you to get rid of the ugly stumps. We are the Port St Lucie experts in stump grinding and stump removal since we use the best techniques to clear these unwanted tree parts. Overly, if you require tree removal services it is important to factor in the need for stump removal service.

removing palm branches on a ladder


It is not enough to cut down that landscaping tree that has gotten too old, damaged or disease-infected as it needs to be disposed of in the best way possible. Our professional tree removal services in Port St Lucie FL seeks to give you a stress-free solution for lot clearing after trees have been felled.

Trimming a tall palm tree in Port St Lucie FL


Tree pruning is similar to tree trimming with the only difference being the focus of this tree service on removing dead and decaying parts of your landscape tree. In turn, it is an efficient way of pest control and improving safety by reducing damages that these loose or dead parts can cause.

Tree trimming with a man lift


We are specialists in tree trimming and this is the primary category of tree service we are famous for in Port St Lucie, FL. Using advanced techniques such as crown raising, crown cleaning, crown thinning, and crown reduction we will ensure your landscaping tree is healthy and ever-appealing.

Trimming a very tall tree with a lifter


There are instances when your best choice is to cut down a palm tree and in such moments we offer you the peace of mind that this process will be handled professionally. We not only have the right equipment for tree cutting in Port St Lucie, FL, but we will carefully bring down the tree without causing any damages to your property. As a rule, it is critical that tree cutting is exclusively handled by well-trained professionals and we have the perfect team that will handle the most demanding project.

Why Choose Us For Port Saint Lucie, FL Tree Services

Each palm tree in your property deserves utmost attention as it is much more than a landscaping tree but a valuable natural asset. At Port St Lucie Tree Trimming, we understand this and as a top-ranking company with outstanding customer reviews , we give you the benefits of:

Prompt and affordable tree service in Port Saint Lucie, Florida

We highly value our customers and give priority to every project that we get to handle as a tree company. By choosing us for your tree cutting, tree removal, tree pruning, and tree trimming needs in Port St Lucie, Florida you are guaranteed of pocket-friendly packages and on-time service. The best part is that we always provide a free no-obligation quote to our customers.

Highly experienced and certified arborists

As a policy, we exclusively work with professionally trained and certified arborists who have been handpicked for their knowledge and skills in lawn maintenance. We are proud to have the best tree service team in Port Saint Lucie, Florida who will stop at nothing to ensure your satisfaction.

A licensed and insured tree services company

We are a licensed tree company that operates in strict adherence to the industry’s best practices. As such, our tree and lawn care services are all centered on your safety and the long-term appeal of your environment.

Outstanding customer service

Finally, you will love that our tree service in Port St Lucie is built upon your specific demands. This is why we highly recommend in-depth consultations with our project leaders before we can offer any service. These consultations provide us with a clear guideline of what you expect so we can deliver perfection.

The Tree Service Company to Trust in Port Saint Lucie FL

Are you after trustworthy tree service providers in Port Saint Lucie, Florida who will provide the best care and maintenance to your trees? You never have to look any further when you have a team with five-star customer reviews ever available to provide top-of-the-line tree service. Regardless of whether you require tree removal & debris hauling, or other tree care services in Port Saint Lucie we are here for you. All you have to do is call us today and we will provide you with free estimates on any services required.

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