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Port St Lucie Tree Trimming

Port St Lucie boasts some of the tallest and most beautiful palm trees in all of Florida. However, getting up on ladders trying to trim them yourself can be incredibly dangerous. Trimming your trees in Port St Lucie doesn’t have to be such a big risk–let us do it for you! Our professional and certified arborists can survey your needs and perform all the pruning and trimming that will leave you with a healthy tree, as well as a healthy you.

In addition to your general tree service and trimming needs, we also provide stump grinding, stump removal, tree removal and land clearing. Call us today for a free consultation!

Customer Reviews
"After buying our new house we had some concerns about a couple of the trees on our property. Port St Lucie Tree Trimming was so great to work with and even taught us how to care for our bushes, too!"
Samantha M.
Vero Beach
"I usually get nervous when receiving a 'free no obligations quote,' but they Trimming provided me with several options and literally no high pressure sales tactics like some other places I called."
Mark N.
Port St Lucie
"I'm new to the area and this
company came highly recommended by our new neighbors. Since their trees looked good we requested a free quote and now our trees look great, too."
Robert C.
Palm City

Reasons to Contact Us
For Your Free Consultation Today:

  • We are licensed and insured

  • Our tree pruning techniques will maximize your curb appeal

  • Decrease risk of damage caused by your tree during a storm

  • We’ll get rid of any branches blocking your view

  • We’ll prune and trim to increase distance between branches and structures

  • Trimming and pruning causes an improved appearance and shape of your trees

  • Trimming away the dead and decaying branches reduces risk and hazards

Most Common Reasons for Hiring Us

While there are many reasons for having your trees trimmed, these are the most common reasons our customers make the decision to have us perform tree service Tree Service


Improperly trimmed trees, or branches that are diseased, dying or damaged create unnecessary safety risks. Storms, or even just a gust of sudden wind, can cause these types of branches to fall at any time. Don’t lose sleep or risk an unwanted homeowners insurance claim–call us today and get your trees trimmed immediately.


When a tree becomes infected it must be pruned right away. Failure to trim away the diseased branches can allow the infection to spread to the rest of the tree. This can easily be avoided by having a tree health assessment performed by one of the certified arborists at Port St Lucie Tree Trimming.


You’ll never watch one of those HGTV shows where the host says, “Nah, don’t worry about that dangerous or overgrown tree. Buyers love that kind of thing!” One of the easiest ways to give your yard and landscaping a modern refresh, without adding or removing anything, is to simply have your trees trimmed.

Some of the Techniques We Use:

Pruning of mature trees typically falls into one of four main categories:

Crown Cleaning – Crown cleaning entails removing dead, dying, broken or diseased branches. This is the category in which most trimming falls into.

Crown Thinning – Removing smaller branches in the more leafy canopy of the tree is referred to as crown thinning. This procedure requires a skilled arborist to ensure that over trimming  or pruning is not occurring.

Crown Raising – This term refers to the limbing up of lower branches that often obstruct views. Crown raising is also a safe practice before a storm to ensure no low hanging branches will be swung into any structures.

Crown Reduction – Crown reduction is reducing the overall size of the tree by using reduction cuts to remove larger branches back to smaller branches. Crown reduction requires the extensive use of reduction cuts that predispose the branch or trunk to internal decay. For this reason, professional arborists discourage crown reduction. On older trees showing stress or decline, crown reduction can accelerate decline and death. In most situations, crown cleaning or crown thinning techniques better address the concerns of large trees prone to wind damage.

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